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SoulSuccess™ - Inside Out Success Secrets For Heart Centred Solopreneurs

Being a solopreneur isn't an easy choice, I know. And wanting to do business with heart and soul is a labour of love for you, isn't it?

Let's face it: it IS super competitive out there

But being heart-centred, you want to do more than to just compete, don't you? It doesn't feel right just trying to measure yourself in numbers, does it? You want your work to feel meaningful.

I know you've got a purpose, a mission, a cause close to your heart that you're dying to tell the World about and you know that's what you want to do.

Chasing money and success over everything and everyone really else isn't your style. You want a deeper, meaningful connection, that drives you to want to do more (rather than just be in business for the chase).

But I know, it's not that easy

You see, before you know it, you get sucked into the noise of what you think you 'should' be doing, comparing yourself to other people, trying to compete, maybe even 'copying' what others are you making you feel like you're not enough, causing you to doubt yourself and your talents.

Your true strength, talents and gifts get swept under the carpet and it all becomes about what other people think and chasing all the things the World is telling you to chase and how you can keep up with life, doesn't it?

You really can start to forget who YOU ARE and why you started your business in the first place, leaving you feeling totally disconnected from it all.

It doesn't have to be like this for you

You can be heart-centred. And you can STILL have the success you want.

Yes you can create purposeful, meaningful success that gets you feeling inspired about being YOU and serving the people that YOU want to serve in YOUR way.

The secret lies in learning to spiritually align your success with the real, authentic YOU.

It's called SoulSuccess. And I can show you how to do just that right here.

Change happens fast an you can start today, right here, right now...the World needs you heart-centred solopreneur...stop holding yourself back...and the SoulSuccess online course will show you how

SoulSuccess Recorded Live...

SoulSuccess guides you step-by-step in 12, easy to follow modules, on how to discover the BEST version of who you are and learn to shift your paradigm and how to turn your success inside-out; turn up your inner voice and amp up being authentic you

Rather than trying to copy the successful 'gurus' around you, which can leave you feeling fake and bent out of shape, you CAN make your business a unique extension of the real, authentic you from and spiritually align your success from within.

With SoulSuccess you'll learn to:

  • peel back the layers to get to REAL AUTHENTIC YOU and understand who YOU ARE
  • create wealth consciousness rather than 'chase' money
  • find out the ONE question to ask yourself every day to set up a successful day
  • identify and get past the Four Major Success Blockers
  • discover how 'feeling' is the REAL secret and how 'attraction' really works
  • uncover your 'Higher Reason Why' that drives you
  • create S.M.A.R.T. goals for the soul

And with modules on 'mind-magic' and getting over 'comparison hangover' you'll uncover how to step into your spotlight, say hello to more confidence and kiss goodbye to self-sabotage forever!

What's Inside The Course:

  • Success Secret 1: Being Authentic You

  • Success Secret 2: Aligning You And Your Business

  • Success Secret 3: Get Over Comparison Hangover

  • Success Secret 4: Inspiration vs Goals

  • Success Secret 5: The 4 Success Blockers

  • Success Secret 6: Fear Isn't Real

  • Success Secret 7: Stop Self Sabotage

  • Success Secret 8: The Energy Of Money

  • Success Secret 9: Feeling Is The Secret

  • Success Secret 10: Your Map Of The World

  • Success Secret 11: Daily Focus & Programming

  • Success Secret 12: Masterminding Secrets


Four And A Half Hours Of Incredible Life Changing Content

Bonus #1: 2 x 60 Minute Trainings:

  • Get Out Of Your Own Way

  • Stop Self Sabotage In It's Tracks

Bonus #2: Get ALL 12 MP3 recordings*

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Soul Sister, Soul Brother - you don't have to keep bending yourself out of shape for success.

There is a better way for you.

If you want to learn to create that inspired feeling of being soulfully connected to your business every day....And harness the innate power within you to feel confident to create each day exactly how you want it, without outer pressure or fear

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So, who is this Course for? This Course is perfect for you if you're:

  • an online coach or online marketer of your personal brand
  • a mind/body/spirit practitioner (yoga teacher, reiki, life coach etc...)
  • running a direct sales business from home
  • involved in network marketing

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Read The Reviews About SoulSuccess Online:

Inside Secrets to Success really dives deep into everything you need to know and implement to become successful! Yogeeta's delivery is knowledgeable, personable and fresh! She teaches using real life experiences that everyone can relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I'm sure I will refer back to it often.

Bianca Joseph, Washington DC, US
Bianca Joseph, Washington DC, US Online Business Coach

I've been following Yogeeta for a while, but the trailer for SoulSuccess really caught my eye, as it looked like it would address my issues with business life.

For the price of a couple of “posh” coffees, I decided to give Soul Success a try (I've spent hundred on online courses). If you, like me, you want to be successful while staying true to yourself, rather than a copy of someone else, these videos are invaluable, and delivered in  Yogeeta`s unique and authentic way. Sure some of the content will hit hard and make you think, but it never belittles you and encourages you to make changes based on your real beliefs. Personally I've watched the course many times over, and still see new details to try and change.

To me, the subscription is worth many times what I've paid already and more life changes are on their way to release the real ME!   Thank you Yogeeta for everything so far.  Andy

Andy Millin, Swindon, UK
Andy Millin, Swindon, UK Charity Events Organiser

Yogeeta is an inspirational coach who has the genuine ability to help people find their true selves. She is a warm and eloquent conversationalist, providing a nowhere-to-hide approach to her coaching sessions. Combining her training and experience, Yogeeta works closely with her clients to break through the obstacles that limit them from growth. With her as your advocate, you’ll learn to tap into your unique abilities that will bring the most happiness and success. If you want to move forward in your life – personally and professionally – Yogeeta is someone you want to invest with

Kevin McMahon, Connecticut, US
Kevin McMahon, Connecticut, US Performance & Business Coach

The Inspiration v Goals module really resonated with me; I've set and achieved some amazing goals in the past but more recently have just not felt like setting any.  Now I understand why, inspiration comes from the heart, it's more purposeful, inspiration makes you feel 'wow'.  And I much prefer your version of 'smart' goals to the original version!! I also related to how, as solopreneurs, we can tend to neglect and put ourselves last so I've taken the time to give myself some 'spiritual self care'.

Jacqui Barham, Essex, UK
Jacqui Barham, Essex, UK Direct Selling Expert

Yogeeta's passion to help others reach their dreams is outstanding. Not only her passion in moving past fear but her willingness to share her knowledge of how to do so.

If you're looking for more to the Secret of success and living a life you dream about, she is the person to turn to.

Jacque Mitchell, Utah, US
Jacque Mitchell, Utah, US Health Coach

In today’s pursuit of success what people crave more than anything is authenticity and purpose. Yogeeta, through rich personal experience, has taken a journey that qualifies her as one of the country’s premier experts on leading a life with purpose. She combines boldness with sincerity to create a programme for people that is real and a difference maker. I would recommend her to anyone who want to remove the roadblocks from the road, and become more.

Ben Woodward, California, US
Ben Woodward, California, US Business Leader

I have had the opportunity to access your online programme with some great videos including 'The energy of money', 'The 4 success blockers' and 'Aligning you and your business'.  I don't know where to begin. I learned so much from your videos. I was particularly impacted by the 4 success blockers. When you said "when you flow, you've stopped resistance", it really resonated  with me on so many levels. I found your delivery style really approachable and warm and even though I am a qualified counsellor, you spoke about things in a way that made me think deeply about who I am, what I do, how I think and my feelings. Thank you so much for this fabulous series!

Marion Hanson, Birmingham, UK
Marion Hanson, Birmingham, UK Nu Journeys Counselling

The SoulSuccess program is fantastic. It has changed the way I view my career, and helped me generate more passion and purpose in life. It has inspired me to create a business that is in alignment with my true values, and given me the confidence I need to succeed.

Terence Gilbert
Terence Gilbert Consultant

I joined Yogeeta's online course, to help me over come two key blocks that I felt were  stopping me moving forward with my success story. Both money and fear of the unknown have always been stumbling blocks for me, so I found the modules on this extremely insightful. It has certainly supported me in shifting my mindset. I'm now in a career and business that light me up. Yogeeta's approach is both supportive and inspiring. 

Kelly Swaby, London, UK
Kelly Swaby, London, UK Health & Wellbeing Coach

As one of the students says above, for the price of a "couple of posh coffees", you can get started today. Click Below to join and become my next student of SoulSuccess™ and see what a difference it makes to you

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only $14.97 p/m for a limited time only**

**The price you pay will be charged in your local currency

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