"You want to be inspired as well as informed. I craft my messages not only through ‘know how’; I draw on life changing experience that your audience can immediately connect with actionable practical steps"

I talk openly, honestly and candidly, {with a little cheeky candour} about:

  • Creating Confidence, Self Belief & Self Worth
  • The Power Of Authenticity And Living From Real You
  • How To Regain Your Sparkle, Change Direction And Reinvent Your Life
  • Learn How to ‘Be’ And Finding Your Why To Build Your Life's Work
  • Purpose Driven Leadership with Heart & Soul
  • The Power of Thought to Shape Your World
  • Being Stuck In A Life Void And How To Change Your Life

I love to work with a collective and it's how you can get the best out of me. Engaging, down-to-earth and actionable workshops & seminars

Signature Workshops...

  • The Confidence Cure™ {for new 'professional' mothers, women in business and professionals in the workplace}
  • Step Into Your Spotlight™ {increase your confidence and visibility for female solopreneurs}
  • Ignite Your Light™ {how to regain your sparkle, change direction and reinvent your life}
  • SoulSuccess™ - Inside Out Success Secrets for Solopreneurs

...although I'm happy to tweak for your audience for a bespoke touch