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Before I met Yogeeta I felt compelled to play small and stay small, although I didn't want to. Yogeeta showed me how to overcome the negative thoughts that were holding me back. One concrete result was that soon after meeting Yogeeta I developed and sold my very first one-to-one mentoring package. I now feel much more confident, competent and motivated to grow my business. Yogeeta has helped me to find and define my personal genius - easy to say but not at all simple to do. Yet Yogeeta does this, sweetly and naturally. Yogeeta is a very dedicated coach who takes her clients completely to heart and I recommend her without reserve.

Oona Alexander, Hertfordshire, UK
Oona Alexander, Hertfordshire, UK Parenting Expert -

For anyone whose ever been in 'unhappy success' its a feeling of complete isolation and despair.  This was me for 18 months constantly under pressure forcing myself to fit in and swimming completely against the tide.

I was looking for some serious guidance.  I had been following Yogeeta through a friend and I felt instantly connected to her way of thinking.  Once I made the decision to work with her - things started to make a lot of sense. I felt as if a giant weight had been lifted and things became clear overnight.  For the first time in ages my vision was clear, my passion shone through and my feelings suddenly aligned with 'my' ideals.

To say that the first quarter of 2016 has been extraordinary would be the understatement of the year.  It was through her honest coaching and in permitting me to steer my ship that my career goals came into fruition.  Yogeeta has the natural instinct to allow you to think with clarity and I can honestly say I now have peace of mind and every decision is mine and mine alone.

I would urge anyone no matter where you are in life to take some valuable time out to work with Yogeeta and invest in yourself.  It was through taking this momentus decision that has altered the path I have now embarked upon realising a dream I never knew I had.

Sun Moritz, London, UK
Sun Moritz, London, UK Children's Author & Serial Entrepreneur

After hitting a crossroads in a career that has spanned more than two decades, I suddenly felt lost,  purposeless and joyless, not knowing who I really was anymore away from that. After working with Yogeeta, she made me realise just who I am, my inner strengths and qualities. I just feel so much more relaxed with it all. I'm not in my business to compete.  I'm happy working to help my team members achieve what they want, gaining confidence in their success and understanding my true purpose.  It’s great!

Jacqui Barham, Essex, UK
Jacqui Barham, Essex, UK Party Plan Expert

Yogeeta was recommended to me after a friend and colleague realised that something wasn’t right with me.  I’d worked really hard for a few years and become a high achiever earner within my industry with record breaking results.

However, I got to a point in 2015 where I’d completely lost my mojo. I was in a state of burnout, knowing what I needed to and should be doing, but just had this overwhelming ‘can’t be bothered attitude, and my passion and motivation had just gone.

Even a massive incentives that that would have meant a lot to me didn’t give me the drive I needed. I’d changed as a person and wasn’t my normal happy self by a long stretch.

After working with Yogeeta, she helped me discover how I work best, who I am as a person and to focus on these things, rather than just money. She also stressed the importance of having time out to focus on me to keep me feeling fresh, rather than being switched on all the time. She helped me connect with what really makes me ‘tick’ and feel happy.  I now understand what my reason why is and my purpose for helping people through my business. I feel A LOT more alive, happy and enthusiastic once again and ready to make this year one of my best.

Jaime Cayzer, Manchester, UK
Jaime Cayzer, Manchester, UK Lifestyle Coach & Mentor

I decided to look into working with Yogeeta when I went through a rocky patch in my business. Although I had made a success of my business, I wasn't feeling happy at all: I was feeling trapped and uninspired for some time and I knew something had to change. Yogeeta helped me to realise that I was trying to mould myself into something I wasn't. She helped me to see my strengths and guided me to understand what truly inspires me so that I could focus on bringing more inspiration into my life and my business.

Danielle Lamb, Gloucester, UK
Danielle Lamb, Gloucester, UK Lifestyle & Business Coach

I contacted Yogeeta when I felt quite stuck with my business with a deep sense of unhappiness; although I was earning, I just wasn't moving forward.

For weeks we worked together and I found more out about myself as time went on. I learned to be happy with myself, take time for myself and especially not to compare myself to others.  I loved the fact that Yogeeta was honest & upfront with me, she knew if I was keeping something back when I myself didn't even realise it.

Less than a year later I left a business that made me very unhappy.  She knew before me I wasn't completely happy, but it took me a while to gain the courage to move forward. I realised what I really loved doing and am now developing an online membership platform for ‘mumpreneurs’ which is something I am very passionate about! I truly believe Yogeeta has had a major impact on how I feel; when looking at myself & business, I can't thank her enough for her constant support.

Heather Emmerson, Surrey, UK
Heather Emmerson, Surrey, UK

My mindset was not the best as I felt unhappy within myself and the way I was feeling about my business; something just did not sit right with me and I completely lost all joy and enthusiasm. Yogeeta has helped me immensely on working with my mindset and the ‘inner’me.  We actually discussed strategies, exercises and weekly plans that would help me improve my way of thinking and feeling.  She opened my eyes as to how to gain the best out of myself, to be true to who I am and to gain back that work life balance that I desperately needed

Nosheen Aziz, Solihull, UK
Nosheen Aziz, Solihull, UK Full Time Mother & Part-Time Business Owner

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