About My Mission...

"Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious" Rumi

Probably Not...?

For the most, the answer is probably no. When I read Bronnie Ware’s Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, regret #1 sent a chill down my spine: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to who I am rather than the life others expected of me”

The thing is, you can live life through societal norms and expectations of what you think you ‘should be’ doing rather than being true who you are.  Living from authenticity in a life that inspires you shouldn't be a choice, but a given.

You see there are two pains in life: the pain of change and the pain of regret. One is temporary; the other will plague you for a lifetime.  Regret is one of life’s worst pains. No magic little pill will take it away.

What's Your Voice Saying To You?

All around me, I hear the ghost of my woes being echoed, “I’ll stay for the money”, “one day I’ll do what I really want”, “I’ve just coasted through life - I’ve never followed what I really want”, “life feels hollow”, “I'm doing 'ok' but something just feels like it’s missing”, “I just don’t know who I am anymore”, “I’m not the person I used to be”, “It’s too late to change”, “I get up in the morning and it's the same old routine – I just chase my tail really”, “I’m not fulfilling my potential” “it’s easier to stay where I am”

Never mind the “not good enough” thoughts that stop talented solopreneurs from getting their unique message out into the World fully.

The list goes on. And it pains me.

A Life Less Lived...?

You see, thinking those kinds of thoughts usually leads to an "I-Should-Be-Maybe-Later" life {and bogging yourself down with regret}.

Like me, you might get to the top {only to realise it's not where you want to be}. Through a life of comparison and 'keeping up', you can bending yourself out of shape {to keep chasing the life you think you need}.  Which inevitably leads you to live behind a mask of who you think you 'should' be {whilst the real you is dying a slow death}.  For many, you just don't feel good enough to be who you really want to be {comparing your inner World with outer World of everyone else}.

And when you feel like this, it's isolating, feeling totally disconnected from the life you're living.

A Safe Place for You

This is a sacred space for me to be who I am and for you to come forward, feel safe and embrace who you are. It’s space for the aspirational, the ambitious, the movers, the shakers, the heart-centred achievers who feel called to be more connected with life. Because often, there’s nowhere for you to turn. You can find yourself hiding from what you’re really feeling, what you really want and who you really are in fear of O.P.T. - what Other People Think. If something's awakened within you, it’s something that can’t be ignored. If you want more fulfilment, a deeper meaning and connection with your life, then this the right place for you. The S word (yes, you guessed it) is a scary one for most. Doesn’t mix with the ‘ordinary world’ does it? Well I’m here to tell you that it can. I’ll show you that smart, sassy, savvy and spiritual CAN all go one sentence. Really. It can

Set Yourself Free...

Freedom comes from understanding. Freedom comes from acceptance. Freedom comes from change. And most of all freedom comes from courage.

After years of struggling with my own pain of regret, not living a life true to who I am, battling with my own fears and internal turmoil of deep unhappiness, I decided to devote the rest of my life to helping people to live from authenticity, to create purpose-driven lives true to who you are. Putting it plainly, how to put the Be into YOUR version of being human. Life is about knowing WHO YOU ARE and having the courage to live from that place. There’s a liberation and a freedom when you decide to embrace the real you and live from that place that makes you feel complete, whole and fulfilled.

Don't just fit in to the World. Life's about getting the World to fit into you.

"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive"  Howard Thurman

What To Expect From Me

I Talk Honestly, Openly & Candidly About:

  • Lack Of Confidence & Self Worth {it’s more common and hidden away than you think}
  • Authentically Owning Your Worth {no I’m not talking about ego-centricity here}
  • When Money Doesn't = Happiness {how to really find fulfilment and meaning to create purpose-driven success}
  • How to navigate life from Who You Are {rather than hiding behind a mask}
  • Fear of the unknown {that leaves you stuck in indecision}
  • Feeling Stuck In A Life Void (and how to clear the 'brain fog' that comes with it)
  • Reviving Your Passion For Life {when the creativity of real you is lost, it can start eating away at you}

...and I talk not only just from expertise, but from the wisdom of my soul and my personal experience taken from my own life journey of self discovery... CLICK HERE to contact me on how I can help you on your journey of self discovery