Get To Know Me...

I believe you have a purpose that is unique to WHO YOU ARE. And I want you to TRULY be able to live from that place. I know you can.

The ‘Be’ I Put Into Human Being

I do things differently and I no longer live life by a rule book. I lead from the heart and live from the head. I’ve never fitted in and for me that’s been a blessing. I’ve learned to rip up the rule book and do it my way to help you do life in the only way you can. Authenticity is key to a life you love to live and it shouldn’t have to be a choice.

I speak up. I tell the truth. I’m brutally honest. I inspire. I empower. I uplift. I lead. I step up.

I’m Born to lead. Born to inspire. Born to stir. Born to move you to creating the life you really want.

My Values

    • Honesty

    • Trust

    • Respect

    • Appreciation

    My Purpose

    Inspired by Simon Sinek, I found my 'Why'.

    Here's what I'm wired to do for you: Write the truth. Lead with grace. Inspire to stir you. Empower you to take action. To stir your spirit. To push you. And spark something within you that makes you think. That makes you feel uncomfortable. But that inspires you to want to embrace that part of you that feels stirred. And do something with it. Create from it.

    Become the person that you know you can be. That you know you should be. And that you know you want to be.  Step into your spotlight graciously and confidently.

    My purpose is all about You. Being. More.

    Random {but amusing} truths about me: I'm a monster for cheese and crunchy peanut butter - put it near me: it'll disappear; I'm more sci fi than rom com {think Hunger Games}; I'm still waiting for my application to be accepted on the Great British Bake Off and I'm married to Michael Fassbender {of course, only in my dreams}

    A Little Bit About My Journey

    Have you ever had that soul-sinking feeling when you realise the life you've worked so hard for is a life you no longer want to be in? And that money, status and being at the top doesn't always equal happiness?  Well I do.

    I'm Yogeeta, Self Discovery Coach, Writer and Thought Leader.   I help smart heart-centred folk fulfill their potential to live authentic, purpose-driven lives they love.

    I had, on the surface, a successful life - at the top of my career, a published author, status and lifestyle. But a huge part of me was missing.  I'd fallen out of love with my life.  And after years of ignoring that feeling, my life imploded, massively. Finding myself feeling emotionally broke and spiritually hollow, drastically, I threw a bomb in my life, jumped and start all over again. I had to fall apart to fall back together again. With no back-up plan, I kissed goodbye to my £2.3m selling sales force and dived into a blue ocean called unknown. I retrained, immersed all of me into self-development and opened up to massive spiritual growth. And then, I decided to go pro and re-launched my life as a Self Discovery Coach.

    It's not been plain sailing. From five figure debt to building a £multi-million selling business, from the depths of despair to learning to rise again, I know what it feels like to lose it all, to walk away from it all and to rip it all up and start again.

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    Professional Bio

    For nearly two decades, Yogeeta has been leading, coaching and training, at the forefront of performance based teams, developing people to 'uplevel' their talents and thinking about who they are, to fulfill potential. In fact, the number goes into 100's. She reached the pinnacle of her career, having built a multi-million selling sales force and her success story was featured on BBC TV and Radio, and national press like Red Magazine, The Independent, Woman magazine, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express.  In 2013, her first book, Direct Selling Success, was published, which sold as far and wide as Australia and New Zealand. After retraining in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy and '3 Principles' Life Coaching, she decided to launch herself as Self Discovery Coach to take her passion for ‘people being more’ into a wider arena. Her clients include high performing sales people, purpose-driven business owners and successful professionals wanting to change their lives. And with her forthcoming 'sacred feminism' movement,, Yogeeta's mission is to create a global community of people sparking their own 'soul revolution', breaking free from societal norms and choosing what she believes is a fundamental human drive of purpose-driven living.