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“life for too many becomes a pursuit of trying to ‘fit in’ to the World, pigeon-holing yourself and forgetting who you REALLY are. My belief: fall in love with WHO YOU REALLY ARE and get the World fit into you; the secret is knowing how to 'Be'.  

Raw, real authenticity is the ONLY key to setting yourself and your life free" Yogeeta 

I was looking for some serious guidance.  I had been following Yogeeta through a friend and I felt instantly connected to her way of thinking.

Once I made the decision to work with her - things started to make a lot of sense. I felt as if a giant weight had been lifted and things became clear overnight.  For the first time in ages my vision was clear, my passion shone through and my feelings suddenly aligned with 'my' ideals.

Sun Moritz
Sun Moritz Children's Author & Entrepreneur

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"Let the beauty we love be what we do" Rumi

Next Steps For You

Authentic, Purposeful Living. Not Always Straight forward, Is It?

"What do I want for you soul mate?

To stir your spirit. Spark your soul. To start a #soulrevolution within you, and ignite living from the place within that you KNOW is YOUR truth.

Darling, you don't have to keep fitting into how the World keeps telling you to live. Spark your soul instead"


      Choosing between happiness & success? You don't have to keep bending yourself out of shape. You can do well by doing good.

      That’s what SoulSuccess™ is all about. Recorded LIVE to an audience of over 100 attendees, SoulSuccess™ teaches you how to make your World a unique extension of who you are, and how to get out of your own way to make that happen.

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      I love to share my message, my wisdom, my cause and my mission with an audience.

      I deliver some of my best work when I work with a collective. Drawing on my expertise, knowledge and personal experience, I can inspire your audience with talks or workshops about:

        • The Confidence Cure™ {for new mothers who are professionals, for women in business and for professionals in the workplace}
        • Step Into Your Spotlight™ {increase your confidence and visibility for female solopreneurs}
        • Ignite Your Light™ {how to regain your sparkle, change direction and reinvent your life}
        • {talk} Don’t Make The Side Dish The Main Course And the Power of Authenticity {learning how to Be and finding your Why}
        • Purpose Driven Leadership with Heart & Soul
        • The Power of Thought and How to ‘Rewire’ Your Brain

        There' also something new cooking...

        I practice what I preach and to put more of my ‘Be’ into the World, I know I want to do more.

        So is coming soon. And it’ll do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an online global movement inspiring you to create your #soulrevolution, and that’s to embrace ‘Be’-ing the person you really know you can be; let’s be honest, being human doesn’t come with a guide book, does it!

        Whether you're 16 to 60, if the movement speaks to you at your core, learning to spark your purpose so you can illuminate your World then there will be a fantastic community to become a part of. And there’ll be a chance for you to get involved as an Ambassador for the movement too. To stay updated, CLICK HERE to join the waitlist for the launch!

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